About Canada TV Media

Canada TV Media is a leading discount television media buying agency. We offer a wide range of services, from the development of a television media strategy through executional planning, negotiation and implementation. Through our significant media buying power and strong industry relationships, we are able to secure the lowest overall television media rates for our clients. Canada TV Media is an independent media planning and buying agency that negotiates and buys media efficiently on behalf of clients. We provide a proactive, flexible and transparent service that harnesses the best media combinations for your brand objectives Our media service is underpinned with the latest in research, tools and systems. We hope to serve you next.  
Television Media Analysis, Negotiation and Buying  

Our Speciality

Canada 33 Million People
97 Specialty Cable Channels
18 Television Networks
137 Television Stations

TV Facts Canada

  • Television has the highest daily and weekly reach of any medium in Canada
  • Average Canadian Adult Viewership is 18.5 hours per week (18+)
  • People are most receptive to advertising delivered on TV (BBM 2017)
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