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Canadian Television
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Canadian Television Networks, Services and Stations
There are a number of television networks and Specialty channels available in Canada, many of which carry American programming. The first tier of national TV networks in Canada include CTV, Global, TVA and CityTV. The government-owned CBC operates two broadcast networks: CBC Television and la Télévision de Radio-Canada, operating in English and French respectively. Both networks are devoted primarily to domestic content.
CBC Television
CBC Television is owned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and broadcasts news and current affairs, sports, entertainment and children's programming. CBC programming can be seen on some American cable systems. CBC Television launched HD simulcasts of its Toronto and Montreal stations in 2005.
CTV is presently the country's most-watched network and is owned by Bell Media. CTV has remained the country's highest-rated television network since 2002. The network's programming consists mainly of hit American series such as CSI, Greys Anatomy, Mad Men, The Amazing Race and Two and a Half Men, but it airs Canadian-made television shows as well. CTV owns the Canadian broadcast rights to many of the hit American cable series. CTV currently operates three HD simulcasts of its Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary stations.
Global is a private television network owned by Shaw Media Inc. Throughout the 1990s, Global dominated primetime ratings in key Canadian markets, and since 2000 the network has garnered significant reach in other markets. Global broadcasts news, entertainment and sports programming. A number of popular American shows currently airing on Global include: NCIS, Survivor, Family Guy, The Office and Hawaii 5-0. Global launched HD simulcasts of its Toronto and Vancouver stations in 2004. CTV and Global for the most part share broadcasting of popular American television shows.
TVA is a French language network based in Quebec. The network has been available on cable across Canada since 1998. TVA is widely considered to be the French counterpart of CTV. It is owned by Groupe TVA Inc. and currently owns and operates six television stations with four affiliate stations. TVA launched an HD simulcast of its Montreal station in 2007.
The remaining national private networks which have a more limited reach or audience appeal include:
Citytv is a system of local stations which focus on movies and niche-appeal programs in prime time, although the system is gradually adding more broad-appeal series. Citytv is owned by Rogers Communications.
A is a secondary service owned by CTV.
TQS is a French-language network owned by Remstar. Availability in Québec is roughly equal to that of TVA but availability outside of Québec is limited.
APTN is a non-profit Aboriginal service carried primarily via cable.
Omni Television is a system of five multicultural stations owned by Rogers.
Geographic Coverage by Broadcast Group
National Network
National Network
National Network
Radio-Canada National Network
Regional Networks Regional Networks Regional Networks Regional Networks Regional Networks Regional Networks Regional Networks
Alberta British Columbia British Columbia Alberta Quebec Quebec Quebec
British Columbia Alberta Alberta British Columbia
Manitoba Saskatchewan Manitoba New Brunswick
New Brunswick Manitoba Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia Ontario Ontario
Ontario Quebec Quebec
Quebec New Brunswick Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan Nova Scotia Newfoundland & Labrador
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island
Northwest Territories
Local Local Local Local Local Local Local
Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver Montréal Chicoutimi/Jonquière Chicoutimi/Jonquière
Victoria Kelowna Calgary Calgary Quebec City Montréal Montréal
Calgary/Lethbridge Calgary Edmonton Edmonton Saguenay Edmonton Edmonton
Edmontonr Edmonton Winnipeg Regina Sherbrooke Quebec City Quebec City
Prince Albert Lethbridge Toronto Saskatoon Trois-Rivières Rimouski Sherbrooke
Regina Red Deer Winnipeg Rivière-du-Loup Sherbrooke Trois-Rivière
Saskatoon Regina London Rouyn Trois-Rivière
Yorkton Saskatoon Ottawa
Winnipeg Winnipeg Winnipeg
Barrie Toronto Toronto
Kitchener Quebec City Windsor
London Fredricton Montreal
North Bay Moncton Fredricton
Ottawa Saint John Corner Brook
Sault Ste. Marie Halifax St. John's
Sudbury Sydney Halifax
Timmins Sydney
Toronto Charlottetown
Windsor Yellowknife
Saint John
Sydney/Cape Breton
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