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Canada TV Media
According to the latest data collected by Statistics Canada, CRTC and Media stats:
  • There are 685 television services available in Canada - 507 of which are Canadian and 178 of which are non-Canadian.
  • 90% of Canadian households subscribe to multi-channel programming.
  • 10.7 million Canadians subscribe to multi-channel television programming services.
  • 7.7 million Canadians subscribe to cable television and IPTV.
  • 2.6 million Canadians subscribe to direct-to-home satellite (DTH) and multipoint distribution systems (MDS).
  • 6.2 million Canadians subscribe to digital television (multi-channel services only).
  • Digital television penetration rate among multi-channel households is 58%.
(Source: TVB Canada's Net Advertising Volume 2009)
Total Canada TV Advertising Revenue
  • $13.5 billion total advertising market
  • $3.1 billion is TV
  • $92 - per capita TV ad spend
Top TV Markets in North America
  • Toronto is the 5th largest market in North America
  • Toronto represents almost 22% of Canada'€™s total population
Top 10 Canadian TV Markets
(Source: TVB Canada's Net Advertising Volume 2009)
Average per Capita Weekly Viewing Hours' - Canada
  • By demographic group
(Source: BBM Canada ‘09/‘10)