Canada TV Media

Television consumption in Canada (The attached document outlines)

  • Canadians spend 25 hours a week with TV – more than any other medium.
  • With an average weekly reach of 94% (A18+), TV continues to reach more Canadians than any other medium.
  • Millennials watch plenty of TV: TV reaches 88% of A18-34 every week who spend a substantial 1.9 hrs/day watching linear TV – 14 hrs/wk.
  • Millions of Canadians tune in to their favourite TV programs and specials every week.
    • The top 10 network TV series deliver on average 2.0 million viewers (2+) for every episode
    • The top 10 TV sports programs generate an average audience of over 2.3 million viewers (2+)
    • The top 10 TV specials generate an average audience of over 3.0 million viewers (2+).
  • The average TV campaign* delivers an astounding 323 million impressions (*150 GRPs x 6 weeks)
  • TV advertising is rated the most trustworthy by all age groups. Internet advertising is the least trustworthy.
  • TV content is available on an increasing number of platforms, and yet 11 million households subscribe to linear TV.
  • TV advertising has become more impactful over the past 10 years, thanks in large part to TV’s halo effect on other media, in particular digital. Peter Field: Effectiveness in an Evolving Media Landscape